Catena Aurea

Catena Aurea


This work entitled “Catena Aurea” refers to the historical development of Europe. The artist has discovered the same regularities as in the elementary life processes of nature in this historical transformation.

Thus, in this marble sculpture, one can perceive a sublimation that increases from the bottom to the top, whereby elements separate from an originally chaotic state, with its attractive and repulsive forces, and merge into larger units.

This process resembles a birth, in which individual limbs detach themselves in transformations and breakthroughs and attain independence – but at the same time they also support and sustain each other.

The idea of unity gradually emerges and reveals itself in the ideal circle that supports itself – but also everything else. It is the last, uppermost link that bundles all previous movement into itself. A goal towards which all movement aspires to its beginnings.

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Roland Parth


Catena Aurea
Roland Parth
Vinschgerbahn Bahnhof Laas 39023 Laas Italy
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