Europe Fly and shine

Europe Fly and shine


The sculpture stands for connectedness, fragility and cohesion of the people of all regions of Europe in order to develop their full potential and to improve the quality of life. As the shape of the sculpture as a globe shows, this is not only important for Europe but also in connection with the world. Keywords such as precariousness of life, entanglement and fragility of life crystallize in your mind when looking at Europe Fly and Shin.

Sculpture located:

Gassa Alberto Giacometti 6, CH-7605 Stampa

Europe Fly and shine
Michaela Lawtoo Website
7605 Bregaglia Switzerland
waste paper rolls

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Sculpture made of waste paper rolls,Illuminated from the inside, with audio, approx. 75 x75 cm, as a room installation with light shadow approx. 250cm x250 cm x250 cm. How can European artists actively contribute to environmental protection during the anthropocene era (when humans have a geological impact on the earth)? The sculpture Europe Fly and Shine! raises socio-political / aesthetic questions. The choice to form a sculpture out of rolls of waste paper points beyond the social policy to the crucial role of Europe in anticipating climate change with courageous changes.

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