Freedom of Expression

Freedom of Expression


The Sculpture “Freedom of Expression” reminds all of us how fragile this human right is and that it cannot be taken for granted; in 2022, more than 50% of all countries prevent authors, journalist, poets, novelist, private people fromwriting and saying what they think by all kind of repressions. At the same time, the sculpture creates an aura of hope, optimism and confidence, as in the long run, the“words” will overcome any repression.


Frankfurt seems to be the ideal location for a monument like that. On the one side, there are authors, press, publishers, institutions  like the “Börsenverein des Deutschen Buchhandels” as well as the “book-fair” who turnFrankfurt into a melting pot for everything and everybody involvedcreation and spreading the written word. At the same time, the sculpture is located on themediacampus frankfurt, the School of German Publishing Houses, andwill invite its students to drive discussion and debate around this human right and how each one of us can contribute in the future to keep or bring it alive.


Freedom of Expression
Frank Tils
Wilhelmshöher Str. 283 60389 Frankfurt am Main Germany
Quimbra,, Robinia, Steel

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