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FOCUS FUTURE – look into the future

The Landartpark PORT GANTENBECK has been in the planning phase since 2013.

In 2017 the Hafen Port Gantenbeck was presented to the public.

Port Gantenbeck was built on a site in northwest Mecklenburg / Germany, on the edge

of a wetland meadow on the Tarnewitzer Bach, which at Tarnewitz / Boltenhagen in the

Bay of Lübeck / Baltic Sea flows into it.

With a predicted rise in sea level of 1.5 meters, Port Gantenbeck will be at water level

The Landartpark Port Gantenbeck is supposed to make you think about climate change

and what we can do than any individual do, stimulate.

The FOCUS FUTURE wall segment in the Landartpark Port Gantenbeck was positioned

on December 19, 2020.

An existing view in the wall segment should focus the view of the harbor.

The wall segment (w1.3m x d1.5m x h2.6m weight about 2400kg) is set up on the access

road to the Landartpark and invites travelers to take a look at the harbor.

Approx. 25 cbm of earth was moved for the installation platform.

Whitsun 2021 the project “FOCUS FUTURE – look into the future” will be part of the annual show “Art open in MV” presented to the public.

The Landartpark PORT GANTENBECK is only part of a European view of the changes in our environment. Depending on the region in Europe, the changes are different and are also perceived differently. Many different initiatives will be needed to find a common path. FOCUS FUTURE wants to be a building block. Only when something creates empathy does it stay in the mind and can initiate change.

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