European Marble Run

European Marble Run


Idea: The installation is both a work of art and a gigantic toy – created by children of the Center for Child, Youth and Family Assistance Maria im Tann (Aachen Germany)

Participants: Alexander, Alia, Adriano, Beatrice, Leonie, Nathalia, Tamara, Yannick

By running through different and intertwined spherical structures marbles visualise the dynamic connections between European countries. Built on wheels, this installation will be passed from group to group of children playing within the nursing home. Seeing the marbles run through the tubes, the children will be sensitised to the dynamic and playful dimensions of international cohesion.

European Marble Run
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Maria im Tann - Zentrum für Kinder-, Jugend- und Familienhilfe 52074 Aachen Germany
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