Louisiana Museum of Modern Art

Louisiana Museum of Modern Art


On your journey along the “European Sculpture Path” you should not miss to visit “Louisiana Museum of Modern Art”.

A walk in the Sculpture Park is an essential part of the Louisiana experience year-round. This is where you meet panoramic views of the Sound and can really see how the buildings blend into the landscape. You can also explore, get lost, and find calm.

The 45 sculptures in the park are an important part of the museum’s collection. Some are remarkable and easily distinguished, others are almost hidden or blending into the surroundings in an almost mysterious way. The special interplay with nature, the view, the weather and the changing of the Seasons makes for totally different experiences of the same figures. Thus the Sculpture Park is well worth a visit in itself at every time of year.

Please note, the Sculpture Park is part of the museum.

Listen to the stories behind several of the Park’s striking sculptures – including works by Moore, Calder, Heerup, and others

Louisiana Museum of Modern Art
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