Place to Embrace

Place to Embrace


Place of Embrace’

The sculpture in Aachen-Lemiers is located less than 100 meters from the Dutch border. In the middle of the border triangle where Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands get together, it is connecting people. Peacefully it is spreading out its ‘arms’.

On the sculpture hill, a poetic place where German and Dutch hills come together, ‘the Place of Embrace’ invites people to sit together. It inspires people to share, to sit in a big, enclosing embrace, to feel the energy of the ‘we’.

A female figure that gives protection and security. Women who are giving and protecting life. The respect for every life is Albert Schweitzer’s message: the embrace of life.

A sculpture to sit into it – connecting people. Peaceful togetherness. In Europe, many countries decided to get together without a shot of violence. That was the past, is the present and should be the future.

A sculpture in the German part of Lemiers, where the Senserbach is connecting Germany and the Netherlands. Where less than 30 meters away on the Way of St. James, pilgrims are united in a common goal. Here you can feel the European idea.


Place to Embrace
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