The Arch

The Arch


“The Arch” can have many meanings. Birth,life walking through to another different life , death etc. For me it came to mean something special. I am born in Sweden but my parents and some of my brothers and sister are born in Latvia. In 1944 October my family arrived in Sweden. My grandfather managed to help 99 people with his boat. When my sculpture was ready, I suddenly realized that it was exactly 40 years earlier that my family were placed in a refuge camp in KUNGSöR. Yes, life is interesting . If you like to know more about Kungsör , please google. I was born in Köping a nearby town but live in Stockholm since many years.

The Arch
Atis Petravis Zarins
Kungsör Sweden

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“The Arch”. The marble comes from a quarry named Ekeberg in Glanshammar, just outside Örebro. Kungsör where the sculpture stands in the main square, is a municipality of about 8-9000 inhabitants. I was approached by cultural secretary,asked to present an idea a sculptural for the main square. It was accepted by the politicians and the people. I started to work on the sculpture in-83 and finished -84. Why an arch? I was quite inspired by what I had seen on my travels in Europe and North Africa. And somehow I wanted to share that with the people of Kungsör.

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