Entführung der Europa

Entführung der Europa


One day, the young Princess Europa was playing with her friends on the beach near Sidon.

When Zeus saw her, he was very impressed by the girl’s charms. To avoid the gaze of his wife Hera, but also to avoid frightening the girl with his divine appearance, Zeus transformed himself into a white bull. When Europa had playfully climbed onto the back of the beautiful, friendly animal, he took her into the sea and immediately swam to the island of Crete, his birthplace. Once there, he took her to the city of Gortys, where he showed himself in his true form and then had sexual intercourse with the girl. Europa produced Minos and Rhadamanthys, among others. Europa married Asterion, the king of Crete, who adopted and raised her sons.

Entführung der Europa
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