Monument of Change 2021

Monument of Change 2021


In the old, the new emerges. The upper figure: Our still dominant archaic ego thinking – the strongest rules and exploits man, animal and nature to his advantage. The lower figure: The birth of the new empathic consciousness in the world. The previous thinking is turned upside down and a new perspective is taken. This change of being is our chance to shape Europe and the world in the future “for the benefit of all”. Countless movements on the topics of climate, nature conservation, equality, gender, animal welfare, vegan, freedom of the press, freedom of religion … are visible all over the world and a sign that this change is already happening.

Title: Monument of change 2021

Artist: Achim Ripperger
Monument of Change 2021
Achim Ripperger Website
Walhornerstraße Lontzen Belgium
Belgian Granite

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